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Our resident cheeky fan-cat poses questions and opposing arguments to spark debate.

It is I, Chattermouth the Cat. Welcome to Cat Fight, where every month I, a feline, will pose an exciting (and controversial) question for fans to chew over in the world of pop culture. Is there some treasured piece of fan culture you love? Fantastic! Think a certain trilogy or series is a masterpiece? Lovely. I will humble it down to size and my small stature. Nothing is so great or beyond question. Let’s begin.

QUESTION: With the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and specifically Black Widow and The Eternals at a temporary standstill in theatres, I wonder: Will the MCU go downhill without a big bad?

YES -- Up to this point, the series thrived on the concept of connecting seemingly separate stories to lead up to a big bad — all hail, Thanos! Now, without one, the series feels chaotic. Spider-Man almost disappeared from the roster again, but in real life. Now we’re inexplicably going backwards in time with Black Widow and The Eternals. With this lack of, *clears throat* BALANCE, it feels like they’re clawing around in every direction until they find the next thing. Which means the stories will inevitably just turn into a mediocre Skrull plot twist. Oh wait, they already did that. Skskssksksksk.

NO -- Every feline shall gather for the Black Panther film and The Eternals will finally document what it's like to have nine lives. This is all to say, future films don’t need a big bad when there are a bunch of characters and stories that deserve their due spotlight. Remember when Iron Man wasn’t a global icon? Ha! Let the movies keep coming until EVERY character appears on the silver screen. At worst, it will still be an improvement from whatever is happening in that galaxy far, far away. Mwahahaha!

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