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We put out the call out for fans to create their own mask with theme ‘Good vs Evil’ Check out the winning design by jMasque Cosplay and a few of our other top picks.

My concept from the “Good v Evil” theme was for a Disney Villain - Ursula. For a mask concept, I pulled from my favorite musical the Phantom of the Opera, thus naming this submission “Phantom of the Sea.”

The materials that I used were the following:

  • High density 4mm foam from The Foamery
  • Foam clay from Cosplay Crafts 
  • Assortment of blue gems & small seashells from Amazon
  • Acrylic paints (metallics, flats, colorshift) from folkart, craft smart, apple barrel, artists loft, and liquitex) 
  • Purple 1.5inch shiny ribbon 

I used the basic patterning method to bring my sketches to 3D by wrapping my head in cellophane (Safely of course) and tracing a pattern on masking tape. I then traced the tape pattern onto cardstock and cut out the shapes from foam. I used my heat gun to shape it to my face and used my wood burner to add the cracks. I used plastidip as a primer (2 coats). Then, I hand-shaped each barnacle and tentacle from foam clay, and hand-painted the entire mask. I used hot glue to adhere the seashells and gems.

jMasque Cosplay is a Georgia girl who loves sharing her passion for creativity and art to life! She’s been cosplaying for 2 years, won in the Novice division main cosplay competition at GalaxyCon Raleigh 2019, and is always looking for new challenges to grow and learn. Her favorite cosplays are based on Disney because they have such an identifiable color pallet. She loves bringing the powerful characters she admires to life in new, unique ways. Check out het Instagram cosplay page @jmasque.cosplay to see pics of her work

This mask represents the evil queen and snow white.

Evil Queen: I designed the queen side with a crown to represent her crown, this was made out eva foam. Then I sculpted a sword and a heart design to symbolize the huntsman’s box. I think the poison apple is the most iconic evil queen symbol so I used foam clay to give the poison skull look, and painted the base red to represent the apple. I used a mold to craft a “magic mirror” out of foam clay, and had the poison engulfing it. I also used a mold to add some filigree and ornate details at the base of the crown. I added a gem to the eye, this was made out of crystal worbla, and some LED’s to add to the magic mirror effect. To round out that side I added some peacock feathers to symbolize her throne.

Snow White: her bow I made out of 2 mm eva foam. I also used Thira to design a pattern similar to her sleeve design. I surrounded her side in flowers, similar to the ones in the funeral scene. These flowers are all foam clay and pressed into molds. Her lips are thibra. I wanted it all to have a 3d effect so some flowers are flatter and some more pronounced.

I used color shifting paint and unicorn spit to give this life. The mask base is made from pearly worbla I formed over a foam wig head.

Avera Cosplay has been cosplaying for about 5 years now. They specialize in detailed armor builds, prop making and wig styling. Cosplay istheir creative outlet, it is wearable fan art and they love the craft and the community. They love to push themselves to learn new techniques or to try something they have never done before.

Check out more of Avera Cosplay’s work at

Based on Carden from the book series The Folk of the Air by Holly Black.

The mask is made of a worbla base traced and modified from a basic party super hero mask. The feathers were harvested from a fabric trim and then cut to shape. The bottom most feather is backed with jewelry wire to keep it's shape. On the feather side underneath the eye is a scrap of lace fabric with beading and sequins glued on top. Hot glue was used to shape the eyeholes with glitter covering it and surrounding it.

The nosepiece and gold shapes above the right eyes are foam clay molded from filigree molds covered in gold leaf and dry bushed with black paint for dimension.

The right side of the mask has an entire base of black and silver sequins layered on top of each other to mimic snake scales with a few black rhinestones for added dimension. The sticks were picked from the bush in my front yard and covered with bronze leaf. Several different shades of red rhinestones were glued under the eye and are hung from the bottom of the mask using the string from my strung beads packaging.

DKauffman is an avid cosplayer, reader, and gamer, currently spending most of my days either reading books and manga or playing through entire games in a few days. Recently they’ve been doing more cosplays from novels and taking thier time to add in as many tiny details as they can stand.